Expedited Credit Repair Deletion – Late Payments Removed


Expedited Credit Repair Deletion – 5 Days


Normally it would take a minimum of 30 days with standard Credit Restoration methods, to get an account deleted from your credit report.

Credit Repair Deletion, Expedited Deletion, Late Payments Removed

Expedited Credit Repair Deletion – Late Payments Removed

What happens if you need something removed from your credit report quicker? Maybe you find the house of your dreams at a price you can’t resist, but you go to get pre-approved for the loan and your credit score is too low? Do you give up?


You call me, I’ll fight for you  — and usually WIN!

This particular client was having his home foreclosed on by a divorce attorney, he had $600,000 in equity in the home, and only owed the attorney (and his ex-spouse) $250,000. He went to refinance so he could pull the $250,000 out in a Home Equity Loan. He was denied for the loan by his bank AND his mortgage broker. He had a joint credit card with his wife and somehow they had both missed the most recent payment by 30 days, resulting in a 30 day late mark on his credit.

If he could not find a way to borrow against the equity on his home, he was going to lose $350,000 in equity when the home was foreclosed.

He contacted me with a strict deadline of 5 days. I had to personally call the creditor to negotiate the deletion of the late payment, which they told him was illegal and impossible to remove once it had been reported. I had to cite the FCRA laws to the Manager and she promptly agreed to delete the late payments. This all took 3 days. We’re down to crunch time… Just 2 days left!

We did have one HUGE problem…

They said it would take the bureaus 15-45 days to update the information onto the credit report.

Luckily I was mentored by some of the top Credit Experts in the USA and I knew a way around the 15-45 day waiting period. There is only ONE way around the waiting period.

It’s called a RAPID RE-SCORE and there is only ONE person who can issue a rapid re-score. It has to be a Mortgage Broker (not a Loan Officer, it has to be the Managing Broker of the firm.) Luckily Mortgage Brokers get paid when they close loans.  This particular deal, once the credit score increased, was a $1.3 MILLION dollar cash-out refinance.

The broker pulled the credit, I had to teach him how to file the rapid re-score paperwork, and within 48 hours, the Credit Score was updated +89 points!

This is my Platinum Service, it is not cheap.  But luckily, I only charge for results; meaning that you pay a small setup fee — to cover time and costs of making the calls, filing paperwork, creating a game plan and executing — Trust me, I feel the intense pressure when I have a deadline like that. I actually think I undercharged him for the amount of work that went into the deal — $12,500 to save $350,000. But at the end of the day, he treated me to dinner at the Metropolitan Grill in Downtown Seattle.  I tried Escargot for my first time and made a new lifelong friend.

Need something deleted off your credit — FAST?

Call and ask for me personally: Jesse Rodriguez


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