How I Conquered Bad Credit By: Jesse Rodriguez

I personally increased a client’s score by +178 points in 54 days… Proof below!

I’ll tell you how I raised my client’s Credit Score by +178 points and how you can achieve Better Credit Scores after I tell you a little about myself and how I conquered my own bad Credit… Fact: A person with bad credit, on average, will pay over $4,500.00 MORE per year than someone with good credit “ABC News”

Jesse Rodriguez – Credit Repair and Business Credit Advisor – Seattle, WA

My name is Jesse Rodriguez. I live in Seattle, Washington and I have a passion for improving consumers Credit Scores. Below is my story about how I went through my own personal credit struggles and overcame them.  And how I improved a client’s Credit Score by 178 Points in 54 days.

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Jesse Rodriguez – Credit Repair and Business Credit Advisor

My story: Over the past 5 years, I’ve made it my personal mission to utilize cutting edge credit rebuilding techniques, shared only within top-secret mastermind groups, to significantly improve your credit scores… With GUARANTEED Results!  How did I get interested in credit restoration?

I was once plagued with bad credit: I had Collection accounts, a Repossession, and Charged-off Credit Cards. Any credit I had was devastated.  I couldn’t even get approved for a CELL PHONE, let alone a credit card, car loan or ANYTHING else.

****No school teaches you about managing your credit, HOW your credit score works, or how to BUILD CREDIT****

I hired a “credit repair” company based out of Portland, Maine and paid them thousands of dollars for “guaranteed results.” Months passed… Yes, they had sent letters on my behalf, but I had not seen an increase in my credit score. I felt like there was no hope. I felt like giving up. I just wanted to OWN A HOME someday and not feel the intense pressure of having UGLY bad credit. After 8 months of working with an “unnamed” credit repair company, I had to file a lawsuit, won, and was awarded my money back.

Winning the lawsuit gave me the motivation to learn about credit reporting laws, the fair debt collection practices act, the fair credit reporting act and HIPAA. These are all laws put in place to protect YOU. I studied for up to 14 hours a day, trying to find a way to repair and rebuild my own credit. My studies consumed me and I was determined to fix my own credit at any cost.

In April 2008, I met my mentors, the men that would change my entire life—and my credit score — FOREVER. I cannot reveal their names because one of them once was a top level CEO for one of the three major credit bureaus… Oops, I might have already said too much. I paid $6,800 to join a 3 day mastermind group that LEAKED top-level credit secrets, sharing them with me. This was the best information I had ever received in my life.

September 2008 (6 months later): Since implementing what I had learned at the mastermind group, my score was already up +149 points… AND I was approved for a $25,000 UNSECURED credit card. My mind was BLOWN! I had done it. I achieved the IMPOSSIBLE. I fixed my own credit!!

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Credit Repair Deletions – Collections Deleted – Credit Score Increase


















But WAIT, there was a PROBLEM… This opened the flood gates!!! Once I told my friends and family about my credit-successes, they were all knocking on my door with cash-in-hand, asking me to fix their credit too. I had no idea that SO MANY people needed help. Then it all clicked, the money I paid for the mastermind training was an investment… I needed to use those secrets to help others!

TRUTH IS, the banks aren’t on your team, the credit bureaus aren’t on your team — WHY? — Because they make MORE money when you have BAD credit!!


My name is Jesse Rodriguez… My passion is helping people like you, families like yours, improve and maximize your Credit Scores. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride when a client of mine gets into their first home, or gets approved for a low rate loan.

Below you will see one of my recent clients, who has seen an increase of +178 points in just 54 days. He went from being DENIED for anything and everything, to now being APPROVED!!!

I want to help you too… But at the moment, my schedule is booked solid for the next 37 days. BUT… I have created a Video Training Series that I call “The Credit Maximization Blueprint.” In it, I give you all the secrets to maximizing your Credit Score, building new Credit and my all-time favorite chapter, “The Credit Bureau’s Secret Weapon.” Where I teach you how to use the Credit Bureau’s own algorithm against them. Yea, I know, it’s nuts! I can only give away 35 copies of my training series for FREE. So act now…

Send me an e-mail at and I will PERSONALLY send you a copy of “The Credit Maximization Blueprint” and the first 15 people to PM me will receive an extra special gift… I can’t tell you what it is publicly on FB, but I will tell you over Private Message. I don’t want other “Credit Gurus” trying to copy our system, it could be dangerous in the wrong hands!

I hope to talk to you soon…


Jesse Rodriguez


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Ps. Contact me for more details, don’t be shy… Your information is 100% confidential. Don’t forget, I’ve been there, I know how you feel, and I know how good it feels to overcome bad credit.

Credit Repair Results:

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Credit Repair Results – 178 Point Increase – Credit Score

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