What is Credit Restoration or Credit Repair?

Credit repair has not been kind to the American consumer. In fact, the phrase is synopsis with fraud. This is the stigma we face as we offer a legitimate alternative to “credit prison.” Sometimes a negative reputation of credit repair proceeds us and that calls for defending our service.

Our service is similar to that provided by a defense attorney. The credit report is no more than allegations. Unfortunately, most people never challenge these allegations. By retaining our services, our clients enter a plea of “not guilty”. It is then up to the credit bureaus to perform an investigation. If the bureau claims to have investigated the allegation, we appeal the decision and eventually most allegations are removed.

The credit bureaus do not concern themselves with the impact of any MISTAKES. Information is frequently inaccurate and does not represent the consumer. As a result, good creditworthy citizens are tagged as “deadbeats.”

The credit bureaus have not maintained accuracy in credit files. Third-party studies have shown that 96% or 576 million files have errors regarding delinquencies; 20% of consumers are at risk for being misclassified for a sub-prime loan and 29% of credit files contain errors serious enough to cause credit denial.

That is ridiculous! Sadly, the end loser is the consumer who does not take action to ensure his/her credit files are accurate.

Cobalt Credit Service’s mission is to educate consumers about credit reporting, credit scoring, and help the consumer fight back. We offer a legitimate service for clients looking to escape “credit prison” and enter the financial world again.

The first step is to obtain a recent copy of your credit report and schedule a free consultation with a credit expert. You can schedule yours today at 800-216-2725.

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