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How to Stop Debt Collection Calls, Letters and Harassment

Are you receiving calls, letters or being harassed by debt collection companies? Watch this video and learn how to stop debt collection harassment.

Is there a way to STOP Debt Collector Harassment?

Stop the phone calls, stop the letters and the stop the abuse? Hi my name is Jesse Rodriguez with Credit CEO and today I’m going to show you how you can stop debt collector harassment. There are two different ways that I typically recommend for people to stop debt collection harassment. VIDEO:

Debt Collection Phone Calls…

The first way is if you’re getting phone calls. I want you to do is create either a piece of paper that looks similar to an Excel spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet on your computer. I want you to log each time the debt collector calls you. Put down the phone number they called you from, the date, time and also the name of the debt collection company. online slots I want you to log all debt collection calls that you receive but I do not want you talking to or negotiating with any debt collectors.

Each state has a specific statute of limitations that explains how long a debt collector can collect on a debt. If the debt is past the statute of limitations, but you talk to the debt collector and even admit that the debt was yours, that statue of limitations clock can reset.

If you are being contacted by a Debt Collector and you want it to stop, please visit our website: to view your credit report and schedule a consultation with Credit Expert, Jesse Rodriguez.

Debt Collection Letters…

We will help you to review ALL your debt collection letters, they are sent to an ATTORNEY at NO Extra cost to you.

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